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We promote Polish literature across the world. In recent years, almost 1,800 translations of Polish books have been published as part of the ©Poland Translation Program!



Bedside table #73. Agnieszka Adamowicz-Pośpiech: I have always been attracted to literature which explores moral dilemmas

Agnieszka Adamowicz-Pośpiech, Professor of the University of Silesia and an outstanding scholar of Conrad, talks about her latest book Adaptacje biografii i twórczości Josepha Conrada w kulturze współczesnej (“Adaptations of biography and works of Joseph Conrad in contemporary culture”), the beginnings of her adventure with the works of the author of Heart of Darkness, the Conrad brand in pop culture, as well as her formative and future reading.


The Book Institute supported the translation of Tomasz Broda's Bookface into Turkish

A translation of Tomasz Broda’s Bookface. Księga twarzy pisarzy (”Bookface. The Writers’ Face Book”). The translation by Seda Köycü was supported by the Book Institute under the ©POLAND Translation Programme.


Liliana Bardijewska's “Moje – nie moje” in German with the support of the Book Institute

A translation of Liliana Bardijewska's book Moje – nie moje (“Mine – Not Mine”) has recently been published in Germany. The translation of the book by Ilaria de Nuzzo was supported by the Book Institute as part of the ©POLAND Translation Programme.


Joanna Bator and Terezia Mora awarded the Samuel Bogumił Linde Prize

Joanna Bator and Terezia Mora were named winners of the Samuel Bogumił Linde Prize of the twinned cities of Toruń and Göttingen, the award committee announced on Monday. The award ceremony is scheduled to take place on 26th June at Toruń's Old Town Hall.


Small Book – Great Man

Small Book – Great Man

The social campaign "Small Book – Great Man" reminds us of the benefits of reading together in a family from the first months of a child's life. It was devised in connection with a nationwide campaign, as part of which young parents will receive unique Reading Layettes in maternity wards.

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The largest readership promotion campaign in Poland, and probably in the world. In this year's edition, in 500 cities and towns, there could be found free e-book rentals, available for everyone. They were available at bus stops, libraries, and cultural institutions. The Book Institute is a strategic partner of the campaign.

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