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We promote Polish literature across the world. In recent years, almost 1,800 translations of Polish books have been published as part of the ©Poland Translation Program!



“Library Infrastructure” at the International Conference “Architecture and Construction of Libraries” in Prague

On Friday, Jakub Pacześniak, who deals with library programmes at the Book Institute, presented the results of the programme "Library Infrastructure", which is a part of the National Reading Development Programme, to a group of over 200 Czech librarians.


Bedside table #23. Professor Marek A. Cichocki: Not to lose the delight of reading

Marek A. Cichocki, philosopher and political scientist, talks about his recent readings, books that shaped him, fondness for decent Polish prose, and about what he is looking for in literature. 


Hendrik Lindepuu wins the Transatlantyk Award

The most prestigious distinction for an eminent ambassador of Polish literature abroad this year was awarded to Hendrik Lindepuu, an outstanding translator of Polish literature into Estonian and a publisher. The award was granted by a jury chaired by Dariusz Jaworski, Director of the Book Institute.


Laureate’s profile: Hendrik Lindepuu

Hendrik Lindepuu (b. 11 XI 1958), this year's winner of the Transatlantyk Award, is one of the most outstanding translators, acquainting foreign readers with Polish literature. His translations of more than 50 books have been published in Estonia, and he has also translated 70 theatrical plays. Lindepuu is a true one-man-institution. It is largely thanks to him that contemporary Polish literature is present in Estonia, as not only does he translate it, but he has also been publishing it in the publishing house Hendrik Lindepu Kirjastus since 2003.


Small Book – Great Man

Small Book – Great Man

The social campaign "Small Book – Great Man" reminds us of the benefits of reading together in a family from the first months of a child's life. It was devised in connection with a nationwide campaign, as part of which young parents will receive unique Reading Layettes in maternity wards.

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The largest readership promotion campaign in Poland, and probably in the world. In this year's edition, in 500 cities and towns, there could be found free e-book rentals, available for everyone. They were available at bus stops, libraries, and cultural institutions. The Book Institute is a strategic partner of the campaign.

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