Cookies Policy

Our web site uses cookies, which identify your browser when you use our site, so that we know what page to show you. Cookies help us to adapt our service to our visitors and increase efficiency in the information reaching its target. Cookies do not contain any personal data.

The cookies we use are:

PHPSESSID – for noting the user’s consent to using cookies while browsing the site. With this file, the information banner about cookies does not appear every time the user visits us.

_ga – this Google Analytics cookie serves to differentiate users, and helps gather information about hits to the web site. These cookies help us to identify the parts of the site that require improvement. _ga cookies do not allow us to identify the user, as they track no personal information or data.

_gat – this Google Analytics cookie is used by Google Analytics to monitor the inquiry index for its own sites. It does not identify the user.

Most browsers people use, whether on computers, smartphones, or other appliances, accept cookies by default. If you would like to change your default settings, this can be done through your browser settings. In the event of problems with setting changes, choose the “Help” option in your browser menu.

Many cookies let you use a site in a more convenient and effective way. Blocking them can stop the site from appearing correctly in the browser.