Transatlantic Prize 2019

The Polish Book Institute would like to invite you to nominate candidates for the annual Transatlantic Prize. This year the award will be presented for the tenth time.

The Transatlantic Prize is awarded by the Book Institute to outstanding ambassador of Polish literature abroad. Its aim is to promote Polish literature on the world market and to provide a focal point for translators of Polish literature and its promoters (literary critics, scholars and organizers of cultural events).

The prize is awarded annually and is worth €10,000.

The winner is chosen by a Transatlantic Prize Committee including: Stanley Bill, Lajos Pálfalvi, Ewa Thompson, Maciej Urbanowski, Alois Woldan and the Director of the Polish Book Institute.

Up to this date the prize has been awarded to:

  • Henryk Bereska (2005) (Germany)
  • Anders Bodegård (2006) (Sweden)
  • Albrecht Lempp (2007) (Germany)
  • Ksenia Starosielska (2008) (Russia)
  • Biserka Rajčić (2009) (Serbia)
  • Pietro Marchesani (2010) (Italy)
  • Vlasta Dvořáčková (2011) (Czech Republic)
  • Yi Lijun (2012) (China)
  • Karol Lesman (2013) (Netherlands)
  • Bill Johnston (2014) (USA)
  • Laurence Dyèvre (2015) (France)
  • Constantin Geambaşu (2016) (Romania)
  • Lajos Pálfalvi (2017) (Hungary)
  • Antonia Lloyd-Jones (2018) (United Kingdom)

Candidates may be nominated by Polish and foreign cultural organizations, academic institutions, publishers, associations and private persons. Nominees may be of any citizenship other then Polish (including Poles with a foreign passport).

Please do remember to include:

- a short CV of a nominated (additional information documenting her/his activity may be included);

- relevant contact details (of the nominated and the nominating).

In case, of the nomination the same as last year it is sufficient to simply inform us that the nomination is repeated without any further information.

Please submit your nominations to:

The Polish Book Institute

ul. Wróblewskiego 6,

PL 31-148 Kraków,

fax: +48 12 6237682


For further information please contact: Agnieszka Rasińska-Bóbr (tel +48 12 6171920).