Second edition of the School of New Translators in St. Petersburg

On Friday, in St. Petersburg, the second session of the School of New Translators, co-organised by the Polish Institute in St. Petersburg and the Book Institute, began.

The meeting was opened with a lecture by Dariusz Jaworski, Director of the Book Institute, devoted to the Institute's mission and programmes, as well as on the Institute's activities for the translation of Polish literature into foreign languages. Subsequently, a Book Institute representative, Magdalena Brodacka, presented the participants with details about the next edition of the School, which is planned for February 2020, and will take place in Cracow.

At the end of the day, Prof. Andrej Babanow evaluated the translations of the candidates. On Saturday, talks with the participants were conducted, on the basis of which, several of the most promising students of the art of translation, who will come to Cracow in February, will be selected.