Premiere of the catalogue "Polish Books for Children & Young Adults 2022”

On the occasion of the Bologna Children's Book Fair starting on Monday, we have prepared the catalogue "Polish Books for Children & Young Adults 2022". Children's books are a true "Polish export goods"; for many years, our works for the youngest readers have enjoyed great interest and recognition abroad. They win the most important industry awards, are presented at prestigious exhibitions, and, thanks to translations and foreign editions, they reach little readers in many corners of the world.

The third edition of our catalogue Polish Books for Children and Young Adults was created for foreign publishers interested in Polish books for children in order to acquaint them with the most interesting new publications. The catalogue presents 28 titles by the most eminent Polish writers and poets as well as famous and respected illustrators, many of whom have been honoured with the most important literary awards and honourable mentions. In the selection of books, divided into five age categories, we were helped by a group of experts - literary scholars, educators, culture promoters, people who have been contributing to the Polish children's book market for years and who have also developed their own recommendations. The graphic layout of the catalogue has been designed by Katarzyna Adamek-Chase, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.

The catalogue can be found here.