Leo Lipski’s "Piotruś" in Danish with support from the Book Institute

A translation of Leo Lipski's classic novel Piotruś (“Little Peter”) has been published in Denmark. The translation by Judyta Preis and Jørgen Herman Monrad was supported by the Book Institute as part of the ©Poland Translation Programme.

The translation was published by the Terrapolis – Arcelit publishing house.

Little Peter was published in 1960 by the Literary Institute in Paris. It tells the story of a man with a disability who sold himself at the market for the price of accommodation and meagre food. In this micro novel, the writer's grotesque way of depicting the world and his utterly unique language are brought to perfection.

A year ago, the duo Judyta Preis / Jørgen Herman Monrad translated Stanisław Lem's Eden - the translation was also published with the support of the ©Poland Translation Programme.