“Słownik schulzowski” in Ukrainian with the support of the Book Institute

A translation of the Słownik schulzowski (“A Schulzian Dictionary”) has recently been published in Ukraine. The publication of the translation by Andrei Pavlishin was supported by the Book Institute as part of the ©Poland Translation Programme.

A Schulzian Dictionary, compiled and edited by Włodzimierz Bolecki, Jerzy Jarzębski, and Stanisław Rosiek, was published by the Kiev-based Duch i Litera publishing house.

The idea of the Dictionary grew out of opposing experiences: a sense of wealth and a sense of scarcity. On the one hand, the territory of Schulzology is expanding, while on the other, it is becoming increasingly common to feel that it lacks a landmark, a clear reference point, a common place where the individual efforts of interpreters and researchers of Schulz's work could meet.

The Dictionary therefore represents an attempt to bring order, to structure. It encompasses all fields and domains of Schulzology, captures and presents all existing knowledge about the work and the figure of the writer in an encyclopaedic form, about how the work was interpreted and how it influenced others.