“Kotek, który merdał ogonem” by Moncomble and Pawlak in Turkish with the support of the Book Institute

A translation of the book Kotek, który merdał ogonem (“The Cat That Barked”) by Gerard Moncomble and Paweł Pawlak has been published on the Turkish market. The publication of the book translated into Turkish by Seda Köycü was supported by the Book Institute under the ©POLAND Translation Programme.

The book The Cat That Barked was published by Cosmos Yayınları, an Istanbul-based publishing house. The Turkish title reads “Havlayan Kedicik”.

The Cat That Barked is a joint work by one of France's most popular children's book authors Gerard Moncomble and the outstanding Polish illustrator Pawel Pawlak. This is a fairy tale about a cat who, for some reason, does everything it can to become a dog – it even learns to bark for this purpose. Moncomble and Pawlak's book is first and foremost a story about being different and that there is no point in being prejudiced against those different from ourselves.

Gerard Moncomble is the author of around a hundred children's books, which he has published in the most prestigious French and Belgian publishing houses. His books have been translated into many languages, such as German, Spanish, English, Japanese, Norwegian, Finnish, Greek, Danish, and Korean.

Paweł Pawlak, in turn, is one of the best Polish illustrators who specialises in illustrating books for the youngest readers. He has already illustrated around a hundred books in his career, working with publishers from Poland, France, the UK, Germany, Korea, and Canada.

The duo Gerard Moncomble and Pawel Pawlak have also created other books. In addition to The Cat Who Barked, titles such as Zagadkowa koperta listonosza Artura (“Postman Arthur's Enigmatic Envelope”), Czupieńki. Smok (”The Chus. Krapok”) and Czupieńki. Gwiazdka (”The Chus. Star”).