“Brud. Cuchnąca historia higieny” in Dutch with the support of the Book Institute

A Dutch translation of the children's book Brud. Cuchnąca historia higieny (“The Book of Dirt: A smelly history of dirt, disease and human hygiene”) by Piotr Socha and Monika Utnik-Strugała has been published. The publication of the translation by Greet Pauwelijn was supported by the Book Institute as part of the ©POLAND Translation Programme.

Translated into Dutch, the book’s title reads Het mooiste boek van grote viezigheid een onfrisse geschiedenis (lit. meaning "The most beautiful book full of dirt and an unsavoury story"). It was published by the Belgian publishing house Uitgeverij Lannoo.

Socha and Utnik-Strugała's book is a lavishly illustrated compendium of customs, superstitions, discoveries, and inventions related to dirt, hygiene, and medicine – created, of course, with younger readers in mind and also full of humour. After all, it is no coincidence that Piotr Socha is regarded as one of the most humorous Polish illustrators.

Piotr Socha has illustrated several acclaimed children's books on the Polish market. He is the author of such books as Drzewa (“The Book of Trees”, together with Wojciech Grajkowski), Pszczoły (“The Book of Bees”, together with Wojciech Grajkowski), Potwór (“Monster”, together with Grzegorz Kasdepke), and Wszystkie kolory świata ("All the Colours of the World" with Michał Rusinek). As an illustrator, he has collaborated with, among others, the editors of several newspapers and magazines, such as Gazeta Wyborcza, Wysokie Obcasy, Duży Format, Polityka, Newsweek, Przekrój, Playboy, and Harward Business Review.

Monika Utnik-Strugała is a graduate in Italian studies and a journalist for interior design magazines. She has written several children's books including Mamma mia. Włochy dla dociekliwych (“Let’s go to Italy!” together with Anna Ładecka), Xin chào! Wietnam dla dociekliwych (”Let’s go to Vietnam!” together with Tôn Vân Anh), Po ciemku, czyli co się dzieje w nocy (”After Dark, Or What Happens at Night” together with Małgorzata Piątkowska), as well as Idą święta! O Bożym Narodzeniu, Mikołaju i tradycjach świątecznych na świecie („Christmas Is Coming: Traditions from Around the World”).