Polish literature

Grzegorz Gortat

(born in 1957 in Łódź) writer, English literature translator, graduate of the University of Warsaw (majored in English Philology). He writes both for younger and adult readers.

His works for the younger readers include: Świt Kambriddów [The Dawn of Kambridds] (2000), Cień Kwapry [The Shadow of Kvapra] (2002), Muszkatowie, czyli jeden za wszystkich, wszyscy za jednego [The Mushkatov Kids: All for One, One for All] (2013), Ewelina i Czarny Ptak [Eveline and the Dark Bird] (2013), Nie budź mnie jeszcze [Don’t Wake Me Now] (2013), Miasteczko Ostatnich Westchnień [The Town of Last Sighs] (2014), Piętnaście kroków [Fifteen Steps] (2015), Moje cudowne dzieciństwo w Aleppo [My Wonderful Childhood in Aleppo] (2017). The books for teenagers and adults comprise: Patron [The Patron] (2003), Do pierwszej krwi [Till First Blood] (2006), Słowik Moskiewski [Moscow Nightingale] (2008), Zła krew [Wrong Blood] (2009), Szczury i wilki [Rats and Wolves] (2009), Niekompletność [Incompleteness] (2010). The novel Mur [The Wall] (2017), his latest book for older readers, is a warning against the civilisational and cultural perils that are associated with the formation of man based on anti-utopian foundations (the book was created thanks to the scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage). In his novels, the author often reaches for popular genres (hardboiled, crime, Gothic, fantasy), combining them freely and adjusting them for the purpose of a given piece of writing.

He raises the topics such as alienation, racism, the Holocaust, war, and fatalism in the lives of individuals.

The author was awarded by the Polish Association of Book Publishers for the novel Do pierwszej krwi (Till First Blood) and received a recognition award thrice in the Competition ‘Book of the Year’ organized by the Polish Section of IBBY. The book Moje cudowne dzieciństwo w Aleppo (My Wonderful Childhood in Aleppo) was awarded the SPECIAL FENIX 2018 by the Association of Catholic Publishers. Gortat lives in Warsaw.


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