Translations of "Italian High Heels" in Spanish and Catalan with the support of The Polish Book Institute

In June, two translations of Włoskie szpilki (Italian High Heels) were published. Magdalena Tulli's short stories have been translated into Spanish and Catalan. The editions were supported by the Book Institute as part of the ©POLAND Translation Programme.

Italian High Heels is a collection of short stories with the action set in post-war Poland. The author reminisces about their Polish-Italian roots. The writer's mother survived Auschwitz, her father was Italian. The school years of their daughter were marked by the trauma of alienation from her peer group, as well as the lack of empathy on the part of strict teachers.

The translation of Italian High Heels into Catalan (Sabates de taló italià) was done by Xavier Farré, whereas Francisco Javier Villaverde translated the book into Spanish (Zapatos de tacón italiano). The books were published in Barcelona's publishing houses - Raig Verd Editorial and Rayo Verde Editorial, respectively.

Magdalena Tulli received the Gdynia Literary Award and the "Gryfia" Literary Award for Italian High Heels.