The Book Institute supported the translation of Stanisław Łubieński's “Książka o śmieciach” into traditional Chinese

A translation of Stanisław Łubieński's Książka o śmieciach (“What We Leave Behind”) has been published in Taiwan. The publication of the book translated by Kai-Ting Cheng was supported by the Book Institute as part of the ©POLAND Translation Programme.

The publication was published by Locus Publishing Company.

What We Leave Behind by Łubieński is a collection of essays on waste, illustrated with photographs of rubbish taken by the author. Łubieński has produced literary essays, written in artistic Polish, but at the same time based on analysis of research and conversations with experts. How has waste changed over the centuries? In what ways does it threaten us? What can we do with it? What does it say about our civilisation? These are just some of the questions posed in What We Leave Behind.

Stanisław Łubieński is a writer and columnist who has published three books so far: the reportage Pirat stepowy (“Pirate of the Steppes”, 2012), a collection of essays on birds Dwanaście srok za ogon (“The Birds They Sang, Birds & People in Life and Art”,  2016), and What We Leave Behind (2020). For the second title, he was nominated for the 'Polityka' Passport Award, the 'Nike' Literary Award, and the 'Gdynia' Literary Prize, and for the last one, he was nominated for the 'Nike' Literary Award.