The Book Institute supported the Spanish translation of „Co tam słychać, czyli dziwne dźwięki z głębi ciała” by Marta Maruszczak and Artur Gulewicz

In Spain, the translation of Marta Maruszczak’s Co tam słychać, czyli dziwne dźwięki z głębi ciała (“The Sounds Inside. Strange Noises from Within the Body”), illustrated by Artur Gulewicz, has been published. The book was translated by Karolina Jaszecka. The publication was supported by the Book Institute as part of the ©POLAND Translation Programme.

The book Los sonidos de mi cuerpo, as reads the Spanish title of the book, has been published by the Lata de Sal publishing house in Madrid.

Every day we talk, we laugh, we cry. How is it that we make different sounds? Why does the body sometimes ‘speak’ on its own and we have no control over it? What is yawning, coughing, and hiccupping? How do the strange noises that embarrass us arise? What sometimes rumbles in our stomach? Why do we burp and ... break wind? What is a heartbeat? When and why do we grit our teeth and sneeze? The answers can be found in Marta Maruszczak’s book full of witty illustrations by Artur Gulewicz. A few simple experiments explain to readers how the body works.

Another translation by Karolina Jaszecka - Banda czarnej frotté (“Black Terry Sock Gang”) by Justyna Bednarek and illustrated by Daniel de Latour - has recently been published with the support of the ©Poland Translation Programme.