The Book Institute supported the Spanish translation of “Tu jesteśmy” by Aleksandra and Daniel Mizieliński

In Spain, a translation of Tu jesteśmy (“Here We Are”) has been published. The book was translated by Ewa Katarzyna Moloniewicz and Abel Antolín Murcia Soriano. The publication of Aleksandra and Daniel Mizieliński's book has been supported by the Book Institute as part of the ©POLAND Translation Programme.

The book Tú estás aquí, as the Spanish title reads, was published by the Madrid-based publishing house Maeva Ediciones.

Here We Are is an educational book from which you can learn about the great challenge of space exploration and the amazing ideas of scientists who try to tear its secrets apart. We will read about stars, planets, and black holes, the international space station and the Mars expedition, telescopes, probes, and rockets. About extraordinary missions, experiments, and visions that all have one goal: to discover this vast, mysterious world in which our planet is just a tiny dot.

With the support of the Book Institute’s ©POLAND Translation Programme, the duo Moloniewicz and Murcia Soriano have recently translated Piotr Karski’s W morze (“To the Sea!) as well as Piotr Socha and Wojciech Grajkowski's Drzewa (“The Book of Trees”).