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The Book Institute supported the Estonian translation of the book "Co robią uczucia?" by Tina Oziewicz

A translation of Tina Oziewicz's book Co robią uczucia? (“What Feelings Do When No One’s Looking”) with illustrations by Aleksandra Zając has been published in Estonia. The publication of the translation by Kätlin Vainola was supported by the Book Institute as part of the ©Poland Translation Programme.

The book was published by the Draakon & Kuu publishing house. In Estonian, the title of the book reads "Mida teevad tunded?".

The book "What do feelings do?" is aimed at the youngest readers and - in keeping with the title - talks about feelings. Tina Oziewicz and Aleksandra Zając have tackled a difficult subject but have presented it in a witty and heartwarming way which leaves young readers moved and develops their imagination.

Tina Oziewicz is the author of several children's books, among which, apart from What Feelings Do When No One's Looking, the most acclaimed are Masło śpi ("Butter Is Asleep"), Awaria elektrowni ("Power Plant Breakdown"), and Great! Wielka Brytania dla dociekliwych ("Let’s Go to Great Britain!") She has been nominated several times for the Polish section of IBBY's Book of the Year Award, as well as in other competitions.

Aleksandra Zając is a graduate of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Opole. She is involved in graphic design, drawing, and clay sculpting. It is the series about feelings on which she worked with Tina Oziewicz that has brought her the greatest recognition in the world of children's book illustration so far.

The Book Institute has previously supported the translation of Tina Oziewicz and Aleksandra Zając's book into Spanish (translated by Ernesto Rubio and Marta Słyk), English (translated by Jennifer Croft), Portuguese (translated by Teresa Fernandes Swiatkiewicz), and Romanian (translated by Ioana Diaconu-Mureşan), among others.


The ©Poland Translation Programme is one of the Book Institute's flagship programmes. Its aim is to promote Polish literature around the world by providing financial support for the publication of Polish books in translation into foreign languages. Foreign publishers may use the funding grant to finance part of the work's publication costs, including, among other things, the translation of the work from Polish into another language, the purchase of copyright licences, and the printing of the book. In 2023 alone, we have subsidised 229 foreign editions of Polish books to be published by publishing houses from 46 countries, to which we have allocated almost PLN 5 million. In all editions of the programme, we have already subsidised a total of more than 3,000 translations of Polish books into foreign languages.