The Book Institute supported the Czech edition of ”Po trochu” by Weronika Gogola

In the Czech Republic, a book by Weronika Gogola Po trochu (“Little by Little”) translated by Michal Lebduška has recently been published. The publication was supported by the Book Institute within the framework of the ©POLAND Translation Programme.

The book Po troškách, as reads the Czech title of Little by Little, was published at the end of 2019 by Vĕtrné mlýny publishing house in Brno.

The best stories of life are always told little by little, piece by piece. Someone remembers something, and it is from this memory that the most beautiful stories are born. It is just like sitting down with a friend and starting a conversation: about yourself, about your childhood in the countryside, about Mum, and even more about Dad, about uncles, aunts, cousins. At such moments, the point is to speak in the simplest way - without pompousness, without pathos, without shame: about the first fires we saw, about the losses that prepare us for the next departures, about spells, about peeing standing up, about the village, about "life’s odd jobs ", about the fact that Mum could be Sting, but she can’t be bothered. And just like in ordinary life, about the most important things, and about the pretty ordinary things that everyone knows - Weronica Gogola talks about in Little by Little.

Weronika Gogola's book was awarded the Conrad Award, was nominated for the NIKE Literary Award, and also made it to the finals of the Angelus Central European Literary Award Angelus as well as the Gryfia Literary Award for a Female Author.