The Book Institute at the International Book Fair in Minsk

On Wednesday, the 27th international Book Fair began in Minsk. The Book Institute prepared a Saturday meeting with Katarzyna Ryrych and Grażyna Rigall for Belarusian readers. A two-volume collection of Zbigniew Herbert's poetry and essays, supported by the ©Poland Translation Programme, also has its premiere during the fair.

The meeting with Katarzyna Ryrych and the illustrator of her Łopianowe pole ("The Burdock Field"), Grazyna Rigall, took place on the occasion of the premiere of the book, which was supported by our Translation Programme ©Poland.

The fair also features the premiere of a two-volume collection of poetry and essays by Zbigniew Herbert, supported by the Book Institute, which was published by Lohvinau publishing house. A team of translators worked on the translations: Maryna Kazłouskaja, Maryna Szoda, Maryja Martysiewicz, Aleh Minkin, Andrej Chadanowicz, Sierż Minskiewicz, Tacciana Słinka, and Juraś Buszliakou.

The main organiser of the Polish presentation at the fair in the capital of Belarus, which is the Polish Institute in Minsk, also presents the titles it supports, i.e. a new translation of Kochanek Wielkiej Niedźwiedzicy (“Lover of the Great Bear”) by Sergiusz Piasecki and Koniec samotności ("The End of Loneliness") by the extremely popular in Belarus Janusz L. Wiśniewski (we wrote more thoroughly about it at this address).