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The Book Institute at the EURead Meeting

A meeting of EURead association members began on Tuesday. This year, it takes place on 7th-8th June in Brussels and provides a forum for EURead members to exchange experiences. It is attended by 35 people from 27 countries, including our representatives Katarzyna Humeniuk and Gabriela Dul, coordinators of our bookstart projects. The Book Institute has been a member of the association since 2019.

During two days of plenary sessions, members of the association share their experiences in the promotion of reading and best reading practices. EURead members also discuss the situation in Ukraine and where each country stands in its efforts to help Ukrainian children. Today, Gabriela Dul gave a presentation on this topic.

EURead was founded in 2000. The association now consists of 41 organisations from 21 European countries, for whom reading is a prerequisite for full participation in today's media-dominated and culturally diverse society.

EURead aims to exchange knowledge, experience, and ideas and to jointly develop new strategies for the promotion of reading. Meetings of the association take place on a regular basis. Its activities include systematic lobbying for the promotion of reading among politicians as well as in the business world. The aim of EURead is to raise awareness of the importance of the promotion of reading at national and EU level.

At the EURead conference, the Book Institute is showcasing, among other things, its flagship project, the ‘Small Book – Great Man' campaign.