The Book Institute at the 50th Angoulême International Comics Festival

At the anniversary edition, the Book Institute, in cooperation with the Polish Comics Society, is organising a stand in the Rights Market, which this year - in addition to Poland - is attended by Canada, Switzerland, Finland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Korea, Taiwan, and numerous publishers.

At the Polish stand open to the general public, located for the second time in the Le Noveau Monde pavilion and showcasing independent publishers, you can take a look not only at titles published by established national publishers, but also at publications by creators carrying out their projects in small publishing houses (for instance Rafał Majczyk's Niezwyciężony ["Invincible"], based on a novel by Stanisław Lem, or the comic series Mieszko, about the first historical Polish ruler, by Przemysław Świszcz and Robert Siwek), as well as those created in cooperation with cultural institutions, such as Chleb wolnościowy ("Freedom Bread") and Sybir. Moja historia ("Sybir. My Story”) by Paweł Piechnik (created for the State Museum at Majdanek and the Sybir Memorial Museum respectively), the Bradl series by Tobiasz Piątkowski, illustrated by Marek Oleksicki, and Bazyliszki (“Basilisks”) by the same scriptwriter with drawings by Wiesław Skupniewicz (for the Warsaw Uprising Museum in cooperation with Egmont).

This year's festival also features the French premiere of Andzia, the poems of Bishop Piotr Mańkowski phenomenally illustrated by Przemyslaw Truściński, which was very well received in the country. The book was published with the support of the Book Institute at Les Edition de la Cerise. The premiere is accompanied by a show of Truściński's work organised at a gallery in Angoulême.

The 50th anniversary of the event was celebrated by the organisers with a special exhibition showcasing 50 works by comic artists from around the world that were commissioned for the occasion.