Strong Polish presence at the International Book Fair and Literary Festival "Svět knihy" in Prague

Discover contemporary Polish literature at the Prague International Book Fair and Literary Festival "Svět knihy", organised by the Book Institute together with the Polish Institute in Prague.

The Polish presentation programme includes:

➤ Elżbieta Cherezińska, whose novel Harda (“The Widow Queen”, Czech title “Hrdá”, translated by Anna Šašková Plasová) was recently published in the Czech Republic by the Kontrast publishing house, will meet with Jiří Peňás. In 2017, Anna Šašková Plasová also translated the novel Gra w kości by Elzbieta Cherezinska ("Game of Dice", Czech title "Hra o kosti", published by Argo). The publication was co-financed by the Book Institute as part of the ©POLAND Translation Programme.

➤ Petr Vizina will discuss Czech literature, culture, and society with Aleksander Kaczorowski. The Polish Czech scholar and writer is the author of Praski elementarz (“The Prague Reader”, translated into Czech by Martin Veselka [“Pražský slabikář: Od Kafky k Havlovi a zpět”], published by Host 2022) and biographies of Ota Pavel (“Ota Pavel. Pod povrchem”, published by Host 2020) and Václav Havel (“Václav Havel. Pomsta bezmocných”, published by XYZ 2021). All publications co-financed by the Book Institute as part of the ©POLAND Translation Programme.

➤ Illustrator Piotr Socha (his Pszczoły [“The Book of Bees”] and Drzewa [“The Book of Trees”] have been published in Czech, translated by Marta Harasimowicz and Marie Iljašenko, published by Slovart 2017-2018) will talk about the phenomenon of Polish children's books, and Tomasz Duszynski will present the second part of the retro crime story series Glatz (part 1 translated by Pavel Peč, part 2 by Michael Alexa, both published by Slovart 2022-2023).

➤ Poets Zofia Bałdyga (Poland) and Iryna Zahladko (Ukraine) will discuss issues related to literary creation in a language other than their mother tongue, i.e. Czech.

➤ Reporter Urszula Jabłońska, translator Agata Wróbel, and European Literature Prize nominee Sabina Jakubowska will also visit the fair.

➤ Detailed programme available at

Come and meet Polish authors and visit the Polish stand (KB501), where books will be available for purchase!

The co-organiser of the Polish section is the Polish Institute in Prague, and the partners are České literární centrum, Svět knihy, Nakladatelství Host, Slovart, Protimluv, and Naše nakladatelství.