Sapkowski’s “Trylogia husycka” to be published in English

The British publisher Gollancz and the American Orbit have purchased the rights to publish a translation of Andrzej Sapkowski's Trylogia husycka (‘The Hussite Trilogy’). The series will be translated by David French, the translator of The Witcher.

David French has worked on six novels from The Witcher series. According to “Publishers Weekly”, Narrenturm, the first part of The Hussite Trilogy, which the author himself considers to be his most successful work, is to be published in an English translation in May 2020.

The Hussite Trilogy is a history-fantasy series about the Hussite Wars, the action of which takes place in the fifteenth century in the Czech Republic, Moravia, Silesia, Hungary, as well as Poland and Germany at that time.

In a unique style, Sapkowski describes the cruelty of war, especially fratricidal war, and he condemns religious intolerance. In his novel, he created a number of colourful characters who had to live and remain decent in times of contempt.

The protagonist, Reynevan from Bielawa, a medic, a romantic lover and, by necessity, a Hussite spy, describes himself as a Silesian. He is not a Czech nor a German or even less so a Pole, although he is fluent in the languages of all these nations and divides people according to moral, not national, criteria.

He studied in Prague, but during his numerous peregrinations he visited many Czech and Silesian cities and towns. These places were described by Sapkowski extremely meticulously: under his pen, medieval Prague and Wroclaw pulsate with life.