Renata Piątkowska’s “Wszystkie moje mamy” published in French thanks to the support of the Book Institute

A French translation of the book Wszystkie moje mamy (“All of My Mums") by Renata Piętkowska has been published. The publication of the book translated jointly by Maria Lysinski and François Michel was supported by the Book Institute as part of the ©POLAND Translation Programme.

Translated into French, the title of the book reads Toutes mes mamans. It was published by the respected French publishing house Flammarion.

All of My Mums is a novel bringing the subject of the Holocaust to the youngest readers. Its protagonist is a little boy who lives in the Warsaw Ghetto. He is frightened and in despair, yet every day, he also happens to see the good, which fills his heart with hope. One of the good characters portrayed in this novel is Irena Sendler, who managed to save two and a half thousand children from death.

The author of All of My Mums, Renata Piątkowska, is one of the best-known contemporary authors of children's books. She has written several books, including Która to Malala? (”Which One is Malala?”), Dzieci, których nie ma (”Children Who Are not Here”), Hebanowe serce ("The Ebony Heart"), Opowiadania z piaskownicy (”Stories from the Sandbox”), and Na wszystko jest sposób (”Everything Can Be Dealt With”).

The Polish version of All of My Mums was illustrated by Maciej Szymanowicz. The French translation was published with different illustrations - their author is Pauline Duhamel.