Recruitment for the Translators’ Collegium 2021 has begun

Despite the constantly changing situation related to the pandemic, the Director of the Book Institute has decided to announce the commencement of recruitment for the Translators’ Collegium 2021. We invite you to send in your applications!

Applications for a stay in 2021 will be accepted until 15 December 2020. The applicants who will be awarded the scholarship will be informed by January 20, 2021.

A month-long stay at the Collegium, in Warsaw or Cracow, is an excellent opportunity for translators to work on a particular translation, meet authors, Polish scholars and publishers, and broaden their knowledge of Polish literature, especially the most recent.

The Translators’ Collegium has been operating since 2006. So far, we have hosted over 100 translators from 37 countries.

General information:

The study stay programme of the Translators' Collegium is addressed to all translators of Polish literature, both those with great achievements as well as beginners (the candidate must have at least one translated text published in print or in a serious internet publication to their name).

The candidates may apply for a one-month stay in Cracow (Translators' Collegium at the Book Institute, at 6 Z. Wróblewskiego Street) or in Warsaw at Tadeusz Konwicki's former flat (at 1/68 Górskiego Street). It is a typical creative stay; the only obligation of the translator is a lecture to students of philology at the Jagiellonian University or the UNESCO Chair for Translation Studies and Intercultural Communication at the Jagiellonian University. The subject of the lecture is determined jointly by the translator and organisers.

Within the study stay, the participant receives:

• accommodation free of charge

• reimbursement of travel costs (return trip),

• a daily allowance (30 PLN for each started day) and pocket money (40 PLN per day),

• help in organising meetings with publishers or writers.

After the stay, the translator is obliged to prepare a report on the study stay, which may serve the organisers in their further activities promoting the Translator's Collegium (for example its publication in part or in full).

The rules of a candidate’s application:

The Candidates apply for themselves and submit the following documents (all sent by e-mail):

  • Resume (date of birth, place of residence, education, professional activity)
  • Full list of published translations (and possibly other publications)
  • Brief description of the work planned for the study stay (namely on which translation the Candidate will be working during their stay, what kind of research/searches/consultations are needed, etc. Only the projects related to the translations of specific works will be taken into consideration and not, for example, research projects or scientific projects, etc.)
  • Information about preferred dates
  • Information about a preferred subject of the lecture/classes for students
  • Alternatively: a recommendation (by translator with significant achievements, publisher, Polish philologist, cultural institution, Polish diplomatic post, academic centres)

Translators who have been to the Translators' Collegium cannot apply for another stay within the next two years.

Applications should be sent to the following address:
Contact person: Agnieszka Rasińska-Bóbr

IMPORTANT. Unfortunately, we cannot rule out that due to the pandemic and various restrictions related to it, the stay of some of the scholarship holders in 2021 will not take place. A similar situation has already occurred this year, and some of the scholarships have been postponed to 2021.

After selecting next year's scholarship holders, we will contact them individually to tailor their dates to the circumstances.