Presentation of Janusz Korczak’s book at the Polish Institute in Budapest

The presentation of Janusz Korczak's book Józki, Jaśki i Franki (“Joeys, Johnnies and Frankies”) took place on Thursday at the Polish Institute in Budapest with the participation of representatives of the Hungarian Pedagogical Society, which published the book. The publication of the translation of the book was supported by the Book Institute as part of the ©Poland Translation Programme.

“We’ve decided to publish this book because we believe that it has a very rich pedagogical message, e.g. that a child cannot be judged by appearances, you have to try to get to know them and look at them like they're human, try to understand their motivations, and it is also necessary to try to involve the child in making decisions concerning their life, instead of deciding over their head, because they can assess the situation very well,” Eva Makai from the Hungarian Pedagogical Society, editor of the book, told the Polish Press Agency (PAP).

The President of the Society, Laszlo Trencsenyi, pointed out at the presentation that he considers it his vocation to make Korczak's books accessible to everyone.

During the presentation of the book, apart from the representatives of the Hungarian Pedagogical Society, translators took part in the discussion on Korczak's achievements: Patricia Paszt, who translated Joeys, Johnnies and Frankies, and Marta Mocsai-Karaba, who translated Król Maciuś I (“King Matt The First”).

The book was published with the support of, among others, the Book Institute, the Polish Institute in Budapest, the Felczak Foundation, the Israeli Community in Hungary, and the local government of the 7th district of Budapest.

 [source: PAP, Małgorzata Wyrzykowska]