Polish team at the 25th International Book Fair and the "Svět knihy" Literary Festival in Prague

The 25th International Book Fair and the "Svět knihy" (Book World) Literary Festival will take place from 9th to 12th May. Latin America is the guest of honour this year, and the theme of the fair is "Memory and reminisce". Prague will be visited by two Nobel Prize winners: Hertha Müller and Mario Vargas Llosa. Poland also has a representation of writers; at the invitation of the Book Institute and the Polish Institute in Prague, Marek Bieńczyk, Bronka Nowicka, Mariusz Surosz, and Bronisław Wildstein will take part in the fair and festival.

The books by these authors have recently been published in the Czech Republic thanks to the support of the Translation Programme ©Poland, which is supported by the Book Institute: Tworki by Marek Bieńczyk (translated by Michael Alexa), Nakarmić kamień (“To Feed a Stone”) by Bronka Nowicka (translated by Helena Stachova), Czas niedokonany (“Imperfect(ive) Time”) by Bronisław Wildstein  (translated by Lucie Szymanowska).

The authors will meet with Czech readers on the occasion of the promotion of the books and will take part in panel discussions.

On Friday afternoon, Bronka Nowicka and Marek Bieńczyk will take part in the discussion, whereas in the evening, a meeting with the writer herself will be held.

On Saturday, there will be meetings with Bronisław Wildstein and Mariusz Surosz, the author of Pepiki (“Pepici"), which was very well received in the Czech Republic. Both authors will also be present at the stand of the Polish Institute in Prague. The participation of Polish authors in the fair will be crowned by a discussion of two eminent experts at Milan Kundera's work: Marek Bieńczyk and philosopher Alain Finkielkraut.

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