"Pan Kluska i żaglowiec" by Anna Onimichowska in Latvian with support from the Book Institute

The book Pan Kluska i żaglowiec (“Mr Noodle and a Sailboat”) by Anna Onichimowska with illustrations by Natalia Jablonska has been published in Latvia. The translation by Māris Salējs was supported by the Book Institute as part of the ©Poland Translation Programme.

The book Klimpas kungs un burinieks, as reads the title of the Latvian translation of the book, was published by Riga-based Latvijas Mediji publishing house.

The translator of the collection Māris Salējs has previously translated, with the support of the ©Poland Translation Programme, Czesław Miłosz's Rodzinna Europa (“Native Realm”, 2011), as well as the collection O Panu Tralallińskim i inne wiersze (“Mr. Tralalinski and Other Poems”, 2022) by Julian Tuwim.