Hendrik Lindepuu wins the August Sang Award

Hendrik Lindepuu received this year's August Sang Award for his translation of Anna Świrszczyńska's poem Chłopka ("A Peasant Woman ") from the collection Budując barykadę ("Building the Barricade") or Ma ehitasin barrikaadi in Estonian.

Six translators have been nominated for the award for the best translation of a poem. Together with Hendrik Lindepuu, the final was reached by Eda Ahi, Aare Pilv, Øyvind Rangøy, Livia Viitol, and Märt Väljataga.

The August Sang Award amounts to €2,000 and is awarded for the translation of one poem, but, in fact, it also shows the appreciation of the translator's work.

This year, the Book Institute honoured Hendrik Lindepuu with the Transatlantyk Award, the most prestigious award for translators of Polish literature into foreign languages.