Echo of the seminar "Biblioteka Nowa w Drodze" in the trade press

We encourage to read the text of Magdalena Brodacka - "Biblioteka Publiczna" monthly, No. 2/2018 - presenting the idea and describing the course of the "Biblioteka Nowa w Drodze" organized by the Polish Book Institute, which took place in two autumn editions in 2017 as a traveling seminar in several libraries of the Czech Republic.

On 17-20 October and 11-14 December the Book Institute invited directors and substantive employees of libraries from Poland, both smaller and major, as well as provincial and municipal, to a study visit to the Czech Republic so that they could see - and compare to native - original architectural solutions, learn how to manage a modern library space, how to create and implement interesting programs for readers, how to reach the youngest, seniors and students with the book, and finally, how to enrich programs aimed at reviving the "art of reading" in Poland.

„Biblioteka Nowa w Drodze” was based on visits to specific libraries throughout the Czech Republic, accompanied by guided tours, specialized lectures and discussions.

We highly recommend the article:

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