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A selection of poems by Zuzanna Ginczanka in French

A comprehensive bilingual selection of poems by Zuzanna Ginczanka entitled Les Centaures & autres poèmes, translated by Isabelle Macor, has been published in France.

The volume was published by Olivier La Barque, with afterwords by the translator herself and Olivier Gallon. The selection includes more than a hundred poems and also features photographs and reproductions of manuscripts. The book is intended to introduce the French reader to the entire oeuvre of the poet, who wrote and published for only ten years, but whose style nevertheless evolved all the time.

Zuzanna Ginczanka is a forgotten Polish poet of Jewish origin who has been rediscovered by Polish readers in recent years. She published her debut volume of poems, O Centaurach (“On Centaurs”), when she was less than twenty years old. She was sometimes called 'Tuwim in a skirt' by her contemporaries. She collaborated with "Wiadomości Literackie", wrote for the famous satirical magazine "Szpilki", and studied pedagogy in Warsaw. In 1944, she was arrested by the Gestapo and executed a short time later.

The translator of Ginczanka's poems into French, Isabelle Macor, works with several publishers (including Grèges, Caractères, Noir sur Blanc). For almost a decade, she has regularly published her translations of Polish contemporary poetry in the LansKine publishing house, where she is creating an authored series of Polish poetry. It published collections by Ewa Lipska (Pogłos - Droga Pani Schubert [“Echo – Dr Ms Schubert”]; Miłość, droga Pani Schubert [“Love, dear Ms Schubert”]; Czytnik linii papilarnych [”The Fingerprint Scanner”]); Jakub Kornhauser's collection Drożdżownia (“The Yeast Factory”), Ewa Sonnenberg's Hologramy (“Holograms”), Urszula Kozioł's Ucieczki (“Escapees”), and Justyna Bargielska's Nudelman.