A selection of Jacek Gutorow's poems in English with the support of the Book Institute

Last September, the British publishing house Arc Publications published a volume of translations of Jacek Gutorow's poems entitled Invisible. This is the second collection of the poet's poems in English translated by Piotr Florczyk. The publication was supported by the Book Institute as part of the ©Poland Translation Programme.

In 2012, Gutorow's collection of poems The Folding Star and Other Poems was published in the United States. The volume Invisible, with an introduction by Mark Ford, has been selected as a recommendation for Autumn 2021 by the esteemed Poetry Book Society. It includes works from the collections Nad brzegiem rzeki (“On the Riverbank”), Kartki (“Sheets of Paper”), and Rok bez chmur (“A Year Without Clouds”).

Piotr Florczyk, the author of the translation, is a poet and translator of Polish contemporary poetry into English. Apart from Gutorow's poems, his translation output includes poetry selections by Wojciech Bonowicz, Julian Kornhauser, Jarosław Mikołajewski, Paweł Marcinkiewicz, Dariusz Sośnicki, and Anna Świrszczyńska.

In 2016, the Book Institute, the Polish Cultural Institute in London, the Polish Cultural Institute in New York, and the Polish Institute in New Delhi awarded Florczyk the ‘Found in Translation’ Award 2016 for his translation of Anna Świrszczyńska's volume of poems Budowałam barykadę (‘Building the Barricade’), which was published by Tavern Books publishing house.