2800 exhibitors in Frankfurt

As reported by the organisers of the International Book Fair in Frankfurt, 2800 exhibitors from about 85 countries have already registered for a special virtual edition of the event. Almost 850 exhibitors come from German-speaking countries. In addition to publishers, booksellers, literary agents and scouts, the list of participants included self-publishers and service providers.

Our country will be represented by: Bosz, Read Me, Rosikon Press, the publishing houses of the University of Warsaw, Legimi, Graal Agency, Nova Books Agency, OZGraf, Drukarnia Dimograf, and LCL.

Participation in this special edition of the fair is free of charge.

The list of exhibitors and the Frankfurt Book Fair event calendar can be viewed here:

Canada, which has postponed its Guest of Honour performance to 2021, will present over 25 digital events. The programme will be announced on September 24th.

"We want to promote the exchange of experiences, enable contacts, share moments of success, and recognise trends. Together with German and international media partners and publishers, we have extended the Frankfurt Book Fair with a digital element that can be accessed from anywhere in the world," said Juergen Boos, Frankfurt Trade Fair Director.