“Martwa natura z wędzidłem” in Portuguese with the support of the Book Institute

The collection of essays Martwa natura z wędzidłem (“Still Life with a Bridle”) by Zbigniew Herbert has been published in Portugal. The book was translated by Teresa Fernandes Światkiewicz. The publication was supported by the Book Institute as part of the @POLAND Translation Programme.

The collection Natureza Morta com Brida, as reads the title of the Portuguese translation, has been recently published by the Cavalo de Ferro publishing house in Amador.

Still Life with a Bridle is the last volume of sketches published during the author's lifetime (in 1993). Together with Labirynt nad morzem (The Labyrinth on the Sea”) and Barbarzyńca w ogrodzie (“Barbarian in the Garden”), the book forms a trilogy - an extraordinary story about the golden ages of European art and civilization.

With the support of the ©POLAND Translation Programme, Teresa Fernandes Światkiewicz has translated into Portuguese the novels by Paweł Huelle Mercedes-Benz and Ostatnia wieczerza (“The Last Supper”, 2008, Joao do Estoril), Pornografia (“Pornography”) by Witold Gombrowicz (2012, Alfragide), Solaris by Stanisław Lem (2018, Lisbon), Bieguni (“Flights”) by Olga Tokarczuk (2019, Lisbon), as well as a selection of poems by Wisława Szymborska (2019, Lisbon).