The Kazakh edition of Katarzyna Ryrych’s “Łopianowe pole” with the support of the Book Institute

In Kazakhstan, the book Łopianowe pole (“The Burdock Field”) by Katarzyna Ryrych, illustrated by Grażyna Rigall, has recently been published. The book was translated into Russian by Tatiana Izotowa. The publication was supported by the Book Institute as part of the ©POLAND Translation Programme.

The book Лопуховое поле, as reads the Russian title of The Burdock Field, has been published by Foliant Publishing House in Nur-Sułtanu.

In The Burdock field, children from an ordinary playground witness completely unusual events. Someone turns into a frog, black holes grow in socks, a mysterious gentleman walks with a storm cloud on a string, the swing comes alive, and boredom escapes from Ms Dora's box. Can a certain old lady and her cat be behind all this?

Katarzyna Ryrych's The Burdock Field won the literary award for a book for children of the Polish Section of IBBY 2017.

This year, the translations of The Burdock Field into Ukrainian (translated by Bożena Antoniak, Urbino, Lviv 2020) and Belarusian (translated by Hanna Yankuta, Januškevič Publishing House, Minsk 2020) had their premiere.