The Book Institute supported the Italian translation of “Niesamowite przygody dziesięciu skarpetek” by Justyna Bednarek

In Italy, the translation of Niesamowite przygody dziesięciu skarpetek (“The Incredible Adventures of Ten Socks”) by Raffaella Belletti has been published. The publication of Justyna Bednarek's book illustrated by Daniel de Latour was supported by the Book Institute as part of the ©POLAND Translation Programme.

The book L'incredibile avventura dei 10 calzini fuggiti, as reads the title of the Italian edition of the book, has been published by Salani Editore publishing house in Milan.

The Incredible Adventures of Ten Socks reveals the answer to the question: where do the socks thrown into the washing machine disappear? Because it is a fact that they do disappear when we put them in as pairs, and then, we take them out on their own. At least, that is the case at Little Be's house. Well, the lost socks set off into the world, have dizzying careers, and live great adventures: they become movie stars, detectives, mouse mums, or just seal the crow's nest.

Justyna Bednarek's book was nominated for the prestigious Book of the Year 2015 of the Polish Section of IBBY and took first place in the competition “Przecinek i Kropka”.

With the support of the Book Institute’s ©POLAND Translation Programme, a Czech translation of The Incredible Adventures of Ten Socks by Michala Benešova (Host, Brno 2017) has also been published.