„Small Book – Great Man” campaign at EURead

Today, on the second day of the annual conference of EURead association members, the Book Institute presented its campaign „Small Book - Great Man”. The Institute staff also presented the methodology of selecting titles for the publication Pierwsze wiersze dla („First Poems for”) and Pierwsze czytanki dla („First Readings for...”).  Both books were also presented.

The presentation of the Institute met with a very good reception and great interest from the participants of the meeting; many guests of the conference congratulated the Institute on its successful campaign. On the second day of the EURead convention, institutions that promote reading in Switzerland, Great Britain, Finland, Belgium, and Ireland also presented their bookstart programmes.


EURead was founded in 2000. The association currently comprises 41 organisations from 21 European countries, for whom reading is a prerequisite for full participation in today's media-dominated and culturally diverse society.

The aim of EURead is to exchange knowledge, experiences, and ideas, as well as to jointly develop new strategies for the promotion of reading. Meetings of the association take place on a regular basis. Its activities include systematic lobbying for the promotion of reading among politicians as well as in the business world. The aim of EURead is to raise awareness of the importance of the promotion of reading at national and EU level.

The Book Institute has been a member of EURead since 2018.