Italian translation of Grażyna Jagielska’s "Miłości z kamienia" supported by the Book Institute

In Italy, a translation of Grażyna Jagielska’s Miłość z kamienia (“Love of Stone”) has been published. The publication of the book translated by Marzena Borejczuk and Marco Vanchetti was supported by the Book Institute as part of the ©POLAND Translation Programme.

The book L'amore di pietra, as reads the title of the Italian translation of the book, has been published by the Keller Editore publishing house in Rovereto.

Grażyna Jagielska's book is a poignant picture of her relationship with the most famous Polish war correspondent, depicted in beautiful language. The most important war - the war for love, family, and life - had to be fought between the two of them. The book reveals all the obsessions tormenting Grażyna Jagielska. Constant waiting for the phone call informing of her husband's death. The shocking sight of his bullet-punctured backpack. This painfully true story, which is hard to forget, has no equivalent in literature. Can you be treated for combat anxiety like soldiers returning from military missions if you never went to war?

Marzena Borejczuk's translations include Stanisław Lem and leading Polish reporters. Marco Vanchetti has recently translated, among others, Jacek Hugo-Bader.