“Cuda-niewidy” by Marianna Oklejak in Dutch with the support of the Book Institute

In the Netherlands, a translation of Marianna Oklejak’s Cuda-niewidy. Zagadki dla młodszych i starszych (“Such Marvels! Riddles for Younger and Older Ones”) has been recently published. The book was translated by Jo Govaerts. The publication of the book was supported by the Book Institute as part of the ©POLAND Translation Programme.

The book Het magische avontuur, as reads the Dutch translation of Such Marvels!, was published at the end of 2019 by Em. Querido's publishing house in Amsterdam.

Such Marvels! is a beautiful book for lovers of unusual and extraordinary things, Polish folklore, and fairy tales. Two brothers, Jasieniek and Wojtuś, whose fate has been hard on them, decide to set out together in search of a better life. In the woods, they meet characters from a fairy tale world - talking animals, fairies, a witch, and even the devil Rokita! Not all of these characters are friendly, there are many traps and other dangers lurking in the forest, so the brothers need help...

The book is full of puzzles, perceptive tasks, labyrinths, and plot twists that guarantee great fun. And it all takes place in a world of Polish folklore, already known to the readers from Cuda wianki (“Such wonders!"), full of colours and shapes, perfectly illustrated by Marianna Oklejak.