“Small Book – Great Man” now in Lithuania!

On Wednesday, December 18th, at the Polish Cultural Centre in Vilnius, from the initiative of the Book Institute, the Foundation Pomoc Polakom na Wschodzie (Aid to Poles in the East) presented the children of Vilnius with almost two thousand sets of Pierwsze czytanki dla ("First Readings for..."). Thus, the "Small Book - Great Man" campaign is becoming more and more widespread, now reaching beyond the Polish borders.

The books were handed over to representatives of three organisations - the Association of Polish School Teachers in Lithuania "School Matrix" from Vilnius, Vilnius City Branch of the Association of Poles in Lithuania, and the Polish Cultural Centre in Vilnius. The books were given by Maria Przełomiec - the Secretary of the Council of the Foundation Aid to Poles in the East, and Mikołaj Falkowski - the Foundation’s President.

Following this, in January 2020 children from Vilnius will receive another gift – two thousand sets of Pierwsze wiersze dla… ("First Poems for..."). Both publications are provided as part of the Book Institute's "Small Book - Great Man" campaign, promoting reading among children. It is supposed to encourage parents to read to their children and support the development of family relationships. The programme is implemented by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as part of the National Reading Development Programme.

Mikołaj Falkowski revealed that the campaign promoting Polish reading will also be conducted in other countries.

The campaign was reported in Aktualności ("The News") of radio Jedynka (the Polish Radio Programme I) and Wiadomości kulturalne ("Culture News") of radio Dwójka (the Polish Radio Programme II), as well as in local media - TVP Vilnius (material can be found here) and Radio Znad Willi (material can be found at this address).