“Priceless” in English!

Two days ago, an English-language edition of Zygmunt Miłoszewski's best-selling novel Priceless had its premiere. The English translation by Antonia Lloyd Jones, this year's winner of the Transatlantic Award, was published by Amazon Crossing, an Amazon Publishing’s translation imprint.

Priceless is an international thriller with the history of art in the foreground. In place of each solved puzzle, there appear several next, one plot twist follows another, and the heroes in search of a lost masterpiece pick up the trail of a mystery which will turn the history of the world upside down. The elite of this world will do anything so that it will not see the light of day. Priceless is a story about brilliant artists, ruthless collectors, greedy art dealers, a huge raid from the times of occupation, as well as about the scam that is what today’s art market is.

The translation of Priceless is available in the traditional way, but also as an e-book and an audiobook.

Moreover, in August (12 and 19), BBC Radio 4 will be broadcasting a radio play based on A Grain of Truth (the author of the English translation is also Antonia Lloyd-Jones).

A Grain of Truth and Entanglement were published in English with the support of the Polish Book Institute.